Online Roulette

I will discuss the importance of this one zero later, in connection with the last type of roulette. The roulette wheel looks like the European roulette wheel, the difference between the two types lies in a rule called La Partage. This rule says that if you make an even money bet and the ball lands on zero, you lose only half of your money.

This rule gives the gambler a significant statistical advantage: the house advantage of French roulette is 1.35 % while the advantage of European roulette is 2.70 %. This means, that you have bigger chances to win playing French roulette. The last type is American roulette, but(if possible) you should avoid playing it, because it differs from the two types mentioned above in a very important quality: it has 38 numbers. American roulette has a single and a double zero, and this double zero seriously affects the odds: the house advantage becomes 5.26 %. Compared to European or French roulette the American type is the most unfavorable to the player.

I have to point out that there are differences between the wheels: while on European and French roulette wheels the numbers are placed randomly, the American type is more practical and and the numbers are placed in pairs opposite of each other. So, whenever you have the chance to chose between these roulette types, do not hesitate and chose the French one, because that offers the best odds for you! It is not enough to know the types of roulette, you should know many other things before starting to bet in an online casino. Playing roulette in a land based casino gives you a certain feeling of randomness, because you can see the wheel spinning, the ball knocked around, everything is happening randomly. Online roulette does not give you this feeling, because you know that the casino uses a software to create randomness.

You have to pay attention when you chose the casino, because some of them are using malicious software, so your chances of winning are diminished. A good casino always publishes the name of the software they are using and the odds, so pay attention! You should get used to the software the casino is using. Good online casinos offer you the chance to play their games(including roulette) for free, mainly to get accustomed with their software and to practice without losing a dime. This also gives you the chance to test some roulette strategies, that make your winnings bigger. When you play roulette, may it be online or not, you have bigger chances to win if you have a strategy. You can find several betting systems, let’s take a look at them. The two main categories are classic and custom systems. I recommend the classics, but you have to take care, some of them are dangerous. Try to avoid the Martingale and its variations.

Although you might win big money with their help a few times, on the long run they are not very effective. Instead of the Martingale system, you should use more conservative systems like the Fibonacci Roulette System, the d’Alembert, Pivot and so on. These are all classic systems which work well, but everyone has its flaw. Custom systems might work well too, but it is recommended that you try them in free play, test the chosen system first. Here are a few custom systems: 35 Unit Method, 3 Streets, Progression 4 Streets. These custom systems might work well too, but my recommendation is that you use the classic systems. You can even make some changes if you consider.

As a short reminder: avoid American roulette and the dangerous betting systems like the Martingale. Keep in mind the odds and always check the casino’s software. Playing for free is not a waste of time, it helps you get accustomed with the software and it gives you the chance to test several betting systems, so take that chance! But do not forget: none of the betting systems is perfect, online roulette is a game of strategy and luck. If you are losing in a row, you should stop and try again later instead of losing all your money. Have fun playing and good luck!

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